MIYAKIWA is a company that relies on the design,production and sales of massage chairs in the world.And we are developed by designer with decades of experience in design and produce.

We hope to integrate our technology, experience and skills into our products to bring health and comfort to more people.Through our proud consistent product philosophy and rigorous attitude, we polish the products with ingenuity, and make use of our understanding of massage chair mechanical design and experience in quality management to make high-quality products that meet world standards.

Through upgrading, the technology tested by the high-end market will be gradually carried into Miyakiwa series products, and become a benchmark brand of massage chair quality, design and body feeling.

  • Japanese medical device license
    Japanese medical massage chair
  • standard·prouction
    With two production bases in Osaka and Shaoxing, intelligent production lines produce reliable products for consumers.
  • Japanese service
    Reassuring Japanese service, national joint insurance, free delivery to the home, rapid logistics.
  • Ingenuity·elaborate development
    Mr.Tengyuan has been in the research and development of massage chairs since 2000. In 2012, he set up a research and development team of more than 10 people, which combined the Japanese osteopathy concept with preventive medicine, and created the concept of mechanical mechanism and procedure belongs to Miyakiwa.
  • Our Design
    We explore the appearance and technology of massage chair constantly, which is the traditional luxury household appliances. Besides, we have deep research on massage chair ergonomics. We have developed the crossover products, which across the massage chair and family sofa. Leading technology , outstanding fashion appearance are always in our product of different price level.
  • Our Technology
    we already developed a variety of massage movements and structures that allow consumers to distinguish us from other brands within 5 minutes. Our target is “No Explanation”, it means that there is no need for professional sales personnel to guide, customers can feel and experience valuable technology in a short time. So that, we have employed many senior engineers.