Product List﹥ household massage chair/MC-6108pro
household massage chair/MC-6108pro
Model No.:MC-6108pro
New αMatic3D mechanical movement
Product Parameter Details
  • Model No.:MC-6108pro
  • Color:white
  • Size:1630*750*1180MM(length,width,height)
  • Movement:New αMatic3D mechanical movement
  • Guide rail type:SL guide rail
  • Guide rail length:135CM
  • Distance from wall:20CM
  • Voltage:AC220V-240V
  • Power:180W
  • Product features
  • Product details
. New αMatic3D mechanical movement
New developed flagship 3D movement, 10cm massage depth to touch the fascia.
. Adaptive active body fitting technique
Get rid of the shackles of the fixed positions of the guide rail,movement fits the body curves more actively.
. Microcurrent + Light sensing bidirectional multidimensional detection
Precise detections of muscle groups, acupuncture points, height, weight and other body conditions, so that massage find the sore parts more accurately.
. Distinctive creation of 12 groups of automatic programs
Based on Japanese medicine,in order to meet the daily preventive medicine concepts of the human body.
. Leg kneading unit
Independently develop leg depth treatments, heating, stretching, lifting,kneading and other anthropomorphic actions.
. Patented hip large ergonomic airbags
Three layers of large folded air bags on the hip, imitating yoga hip twisting actions, wave swinging from left to right, kneading waist and slim body.
. 135CM SL guide rail
Covering 150cm—190cm height.
. 70 groups of full body airbags massages
Shoulders, arms, hips, legs, feet and other body parts are adopted by air bags extrusion massage and also combined with combination therapy of back mechanical hands.
. Constant temperature heating for waist and back/calf
Waist fast heating, warms the whole body. Calf constant temperature heating, releases leg knee pain pressures.
. Upgraded full-wrapped soles depth therapy
Three-stage rollers scraping + large airbags wraping + heel shiatsu airbags.