Product List﹥ household massage chair/MC-5208
household massage chair/MC-5208
Model No.:MC-5208
It is expected to be launched in October 2022
Product Parameter Details
  • Model No.:MC-5208
  • Color:white
  • Size:1490*750*1150mm(length, width and height)
  • Movement:AirMatic airbag 3D movement
  • Guide rail type:SL guide rail
  • Guide rail length:128CM
  • Distance from Wall:12CM
  • Voltage:AC220V-240V
  • Power:180W
  • Product features
  • Product details
. AirMatic airbag 3D movement
powerful but painless, closer to human massage
. create 12 groups of automatic programs ingeniously
based on Japanese medicine, it meets the concept of daily preventive medicine of human body.
. outstanding stretching
outstanding stretching with preventive medicine
. unique hip airbag
wave swing from side to side, knead your waist and slim down.
. 128cm guide rail
covering 150cm-195cm height
. 50 groups of larg airbag massage
massage with 50 groups of air bags all over the body
. sole roller massage
scrapping of sole roller combined with air bag extrusion
. 10cm deep massage
realize deep fascia massage
. waist and leg hot compress
the waist and legs are heated quickly, warming the whole body.
. voice control
all voice controlled massage chairs