Product List﹥ household massage chair/MC-7008
household massage chair/MC-7008
Model No.:MC-7008
5D temperature sensitive movement
Product Parameter Details
  • Model No.:MC-7008
  • Color:white
  • Size:1640*875*1315mm(length, width and height)
  • Movement:5D temperature sensitive movement
  • Guide rail type:SL guide rail
  • Guide rail length:145CM
  • Distance from Wall:16CM
  • Voltage:AC220V-240V
  • Power:180W
  • Product features
  • Product details
. 5D temperature sensitive movement
The digital movement adopts high-precision motor precision sensor, which can realize the action closer to the hand.
. PTC ceramic crystal massage ball heating
Equipped with ceramic crystal hot stone massage wheel independently developed by MIYAKIWA, it can simulate hot stone therapy.
. Micro-current +Light sensing bidirectional multidimensional detection
Accurately detect muscle groups, acupoints, height, weight and other physical conditions, so that the massage can find the sore parts accurately .
. Constant temperature heating of waist and legs
The waist is heated quickly to warm the whole body,constant temperature heating of the leg can release the pressure of leg knee pain.
. three stage massage with sole engine
combined with roller scraping and bump finger massage and new three-dimensional heel thump
. Touch screen remote control
Intelligent control panel, two-way intelligent control, easy to see, cover all contents.
. Quick remote control
Common function keys are set at the simple part of the hand,make the massage easy and fast,no need to get up,pointing massage.
. 145cm guide rail
Covering 150cm-195cm height
. electric induction contraction of legs
farewell to spring telescopic structure,enjoy massage in a fully relaxed state.
. Wireless charging
With wireless charging function,Mobile phone charging and body charging at the same time.